Educator's vision: continuum to college, meaningful work

One in a series of conversations with New Orleans educators

Andre Perry describes himself as an education “thought leader”. His work has run the gamut from advocacy for immigrant education rights to university professor to chief executive of a charter management organization in charge of K-12 schools.

Lens Transcript: Lousiana Housing Chief Milton Bailey

Much of the plight of affordable housing in New Orleans and around the state lies in the hands of the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency, which helps provide financing to build housing for low-income households. The Lens caught up with LHFA President Milton Bailey today to collect his thoughts on the challenges of creating affordable housing at a time when more people need it and fewer can afford to build it.

The Bottom Line on Affordable Housing

Today the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center released the report “Housing Production Needs: Three Scenarios for New Orleans” where they explore the issue of just how much housing is needed now, and how much more may be needed in the future. What they found is that it’s extremely difficult to quantify the total supply of housing units under production right now due to poor tracking of housing construction, faulty technology and inconsistent data collection.