Soros: Economic Rights Versus Human Rights

Social justice is not the same as simple justice, said billionaire Holocaust survivor George Soros in an interview with The Lens. According to the Hungarian-born American investor and currency speculator, there is a distinction between judicial rights rights of freedom and rights to particular amenities or services, such as housing.

Video: Soros Discusses Criminal Justice

Immediately upon sitting down with The Lens, George Soros immediately raised concerns about people trafficked in from overseas to work for Gulf Coast companies under draconian conditions, and then criminally detained for organizing and complaining about those conditions. He later lamented the amount of money spent on sending young students to courts and prisons, creating, he said, “a tremendous amount of human suffering which is totally unnecessary.”

Video: Soros Discusses Growing Civic Engagement

Philanthropist George Soros, in New Orleans for a meeting of his Open Society Institute, said the disaster brought by Katrina could bring needed change because of a rediscovered sense of citizen involvement. He’s said he’s found “a more alert and more engaged electorate” in the city.

Billionaire George Soros Increasing Involvement in New Orleans

Billionaire philanthropist George Soros arrived in New Orleans Tuesday to survey the progress of his foundation’s social investments, and after being in the city for less than 24 hours, he said he intends to increase his involvement in post-Katrina recovery efforts. Such expansion of giving comes at a time when other foundations have begun phasing out their activities here.