Ex-governors run true to form at luncheon get-together

Gathering Wednesday in Baton Rouge, each of Louisiana’s four former governors fell into a familiar role. Kathleen Blanco was the earnest public servant, describing how she grappled with recovery in Katrina’s aftermath while facing a hostile Republican administration in Washington.

Why the hurry, Congressman? A legal payoff lay ahead

Lee Zurik’s Fox 8 report on allegedly fraudulent oil leases owned by Gov. Huey Long’s “Win or Lose” corporation, worth hundreds of millions in royalties over the years, and passed down to Long’s  friends and descendants, is a fascinating investigation. Remember that Long, the Kingfish, rose to fame campaigning against Big Oil.

Corporations are candidates, too — so let’s see those logos

Last week at the Iowa State Fair, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney told an  audience that “corporations are people.”  Some in the crowd scoffed at the claim, but that’s a  silly reaction since the proof was standing there on stage, speaking to them.  I mean, what more evidence does Romney have to show these doubting Iowans to convince them that corporations are people, too?