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Sources in the Public Insight Network share what they know about our world to help reporters understand what’s really going on – and why it matters.

Now, The Lens and WWOZ are bringing voices from the Gulf South into the network through Insight New Orleans.

Become part of the Public Insight Network at The Lens and join people like you who help improve, deepen and diversify our reporting.

The Public Insight Network allows you to connect directly with our newsroom and share your observations, insights and experiences to help better our understanding of certain issues. Our reporters may follow up with a request for more information, or perhaps an interview. In some cases – with your permission – we may include your comments in articles or postings.

What you can expect as a public source for The Lens

  • E-mails asking for your insight on issues we plan to cover – you respond only if you have knowledge, or you can forward to a friend with relevant experience with the topic.
  • An occasional follow-up phone call or e-mail to get more information.
  • Confidentiality: We won’t quote you without your permission.
  • An open line for you to tell our newsroom what stories are important to you, your family and your community.
  • No spam, marketing calls or requests for donations – your information is private and is not shared outside of a small circle of trusted journalists.

Your help will make New Orleans and Gulf Coast news better

  • By giving  journalists at The Lens access to first-person information and sources, new story ideas and a wider range of perspectives help us identify emerging or under-covered issues.
  • You’ll help us broaden our network of sources and strengthen our connections with diverse people.
  • We create deeper and more relevant reporting based on a diverse range of sources.

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