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The Lens is the only reader-supported, nonprofit newsroom that focuses exclusively on public-policy issues facing New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. With the support of our readers, we provide thoughtfully researched articles, data and documents. We aim to foster transparent, accountable and engaged government.

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I find value in the Lens – in particular, your terrific coverage of New Orleans school reform, politics, land-use – and I believe in paying for value.
—Gary Rivlin

I’m pleased to support non-partisan investigative journalism; it’s crucial to building a better New Orleans.
—Mike M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become a member?

The Lens is the only reader-supported nonprofit newsroom that focuses exclusively on public-policy issues facing New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. We rely on donations from people like you to do this valuable, difficult work.

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When you sign up for a recurring donation, your credit card is charged automatically, either monthly or annually (whichever you prefer). This means our journalists can rely on your ongoing support.

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One year.

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Yes! If you sign up for a recurring gift, your credit card will be charged monthly or annually.

How I can I check the status of my membership?

Please email or call Anne Mueller, The Lens’ COO, at (504) 258-1624 or

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The Lens is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, so all contributions are tax-deductible. Our U.S. federal tax ID is 27-2072772.

What if I want to have my gift refunded?

The Lens does not refund donations.

What is The Lens’ mailing address and phone number?

4344 Earhart Blvd. Suite B
New Orleans, LA 70125
(504) 606-6013

How do I find out if my employer matches charitable donations?

Most companies handle this through their human resources department. Development Director Anne Mueller knows many of the employers who do; to find out contact her.

Can I give money anonymously?

As part of its commitment to transparency, The Lens identifies all donors online and in our annual reports.

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Visit our sponsorship page or contact Anne Mueller for more information.

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When you make your donation, type the person’s name in the “Additional info” section.

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To learn more about how to make planned and estate giving, please contact Anne Mueller.