Board of Directors

A volunteer board of directors oversees policy and structure at The Lens. Board members are responsible for ensuring effective and fiscally sound programs and operations. They do this by making policy, providing leadership and actively participating in board meetings, as well as providing advice and direction to staff as follows:

  • Serve as an ambassador of The Lens and an advocate for the organization’s mission.
  • Attend all regular and special board meetings or notify the president and provide a proxy if one cannot attend.
  • Prepare for each board of Directors meeting by keeping current with all emails and reading materials distributed prior to the meeting.
  • Chair or serve on at least one committee and participate actively in the work of the committee(s).
  • To give or get an annual financial contribution according to one’s ability and actively participate in the fund-raising activities.
  • Attend special events.
  • Stay current with all items posted on The Lens.
  • Exercise oversight and vigilance with regard to the mission being carried out by all parties.

Board members

The Lens’ board of directors uses a matrix of attributes, including but not limited to, ethnicity, gender, profession, and community involvement. Our organization is mindful of the importance of a diverse and engaged board of directors with a vision for long-term sustainability.

Ariella S. Cohen, Co-founder, The Lens

Executive Editor
Next American City

img_2637Jenel Hazlett

Section Supervisor
PBF Energy

Nichols 6.2010Bev Nichols, Treasurer

Retired Director of Tax and Employee Benefit Services
Bourgeois Bennett

pssmugStephanie Stokes


Former board members

  • Steve Beatty
  • Sonya Forte Duhe
  • Jed Horne
  • Judge Calvin Johnson (retired)
  • Austin Lavin
  • Michael Sartisky, Ph.D.
  • Lee Zurik

Contact the Board

Should you wish to contact a member of The Lens’ board, please send an email to the editor.