This week on Behind The Lens. The Louisiana Public Records Act, also known as Louisiana’s Sunshine Law, was enacted by the state’s legislature in 1952, assuring transparency and disclosure in government and business. At The Lens, we are celebrating Sunshine Week, highlighting the importance of this law in our ability to fulfill our mission.

We’ll take a look back at a few of the most important stories we were able to report on because of this law. Public records made possible Katy Reckdahl’s reporting on Henry Montgomery, a Louisiana man imprisoned for life as a juvenile, Marta Jewson’s work on a graduation scandal at Kennedy High School and Nick Chrastil’s uncovering of the state’s decision to send kids in juvenile detention across state lines in violation of state law. And learn more about the public records workshop we’re hosting March 21.

Our guests this week are criminal justice reporter Nick Chrastil, education reporter and Deputy Editor Marta Jewson, and Managing Editor Katy Reckdahl.

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Carolyne Heldman

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