This week on Behind the Lens, the City of New Orleans says it now has increased capacity to enforce illegal short term rental activity and new software has identified up to a thousand illegal listings, but only 43 cases have been adjudicated so far.

After a long hang up, around 10,000 people can finally seek to have their records cleared of simple marijuana possession charges after being pardoned by the New Orleans City Council in the summer of 2021.

And, after tabling a measure last week which would have given $70 million to a new unelected state board called BioDistrict New Orleans, the measure came up in front of the City’s revenue committee earlier today, we’ll get an update. (The City Council ultimately approved the measure on Thursday.)

And Reverend Charles Southall III pleaded guilty to money laundering. Those stories, insight and analysis coming up on Behind The Lens.

Our guests this week are Lens reporters Michael Isaac Stein, Nick Chrastil, Founder Karen Gadbois and Editor Marta Jewson.

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