(April 2018 photo by Jo Naylor, via Wikimedia Commons)

On this week’s episode, the Orleans Parish Assessor has once again inaccurately granted property tax exemptions to Folgers Coffee Company, this time for over $140 million worth of property. (While staff writer Michael Isaac Stein was reporting this story — which, to be clear, is about a state property tax exemption program — he was accused by a spokesperson for the Assessor’s Office of trying to generate “clickbait.”)

The Louisiana Legislature will consider two bills this session that seek to address the troubled state of health care in Louisiana prisons.

And a proposed property tax dedicated to early childhood education could also result in a hefty payout to the NOLA Public Schools district under a contract approved by the Orleans Parish School Board this week.

This week’s guests are reporters Michael Isaac Stein, Nick Chrastil, Marta Jewson and editor Charles Maldonado.

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