This week on Behind The Lens:

Allegations of grade inflation at the John F Kennedy high school have left students in limbo – unsure if they’ve officially graduated. Marta Jewson has the story.

The Army Corps of Engineers has delayed the opening of the Morganza Spillway, due to a shift in the river forecast. Opening the Morganza – with its implications on private farmland in Louisiana – isn’t a decision the Corps takes lightly. We talk to Ricky Boyett – spokesman for the Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District – about the process.

While the Morganza is making local headlines this week – the Bonnet Carre spillway is making headlines in Mississippi. Perhaps out of sight and out of mind for many New Orleanians – the spillway is having an impact in the gulf. We talk to Alex Kolker – professor in the Department of Earth and Environment at Tulane University.