Behind The Lens episode 34: ‘That water would have to go somewhere’

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This week on Behind The Lens:

Allegations of grade inflation at the John F Kennedy high school have left students in limbo — unsure if they’ve officially graduated. Marta Jewson has the story.

The Army Corps of Engineers has delayed the opening of the Morganza Spillway, due to a shift in the river forecast. Opening the Morganza — with its implications on private farmland in Louisiana — isn’t a decision the Corps takes lightly. We talk to Ricky Boyett, spokesman for the Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District, about the process.

While the Morganza is making local headlines this week, the Bonnet Carre spillway is making headlines in Mississippi. Perhaps out of sight and out of mind for many New Orleanians, the spillway is having an impact in the Gulf. We talk to Alex Kolker, professor in the Department of Earth and Environment at Tulane University.

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