This week on Behind The Lens:

A New Orleans charter school network — Friends of King — is moving to a four-day school week. The group says it will improve academics, save money and attract teachers. But critics say its a challenge for parents who need to secure childcare. Marta Jewson has been following the story.

Also, affordable housing.

The New Orleans City Council cleared the way for a Bywater housing development that would provide 82 affordable housing units. Supporters say the move will help address issues of gentrification and segregation in the Bywater – while opponents fear the building will turn into a quote, “isolating ghetto” in a neighborhood of single and double family homes.

And federal prosecutors have charged a local developer with conspiracy to commit bank fraud in connection with the billion-dollar collapse of First NBC Bank. Part of the alleged scheme involves the Lake Terrace shopping center in Gentilly. We talk to Lens co-founder Karen Gadbois, who has followed the site for years.

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