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Which statement from Landrieu’s speech do you want The Lens to fact-check?

In his speech Monday morning, Mayor Mitch Landrieu mostly talked about his aspirations for his second term. He also talked about how the city has improved under his watch — the city’s finances are stronger, schools are better, and homicides are down.

Many of those statements can be fact-checked, and that’s what The Lens will do in the coming days.

First, we want your input. We’ve picked several factual assertions Landrieu made in his speech. Which one do you want us to fact-check? You can vote on our Facebook page.

Here are the statements, taken directly from the text of Landrieu’s speech.

Historic drop in homicide rate

In 2010, New Orleans was America’s murder capital. But no more — murder is at a historic near-30-year low.



Expansion and construction at the airport and port

Thousands of construction jobs at the new airport, $1 billion being invested to expand the Port and New Orleans has become a vibrant hub for young entrepreneurs.



Schools have improved

Graduation rates are up, test scores are up and dropout rates are down.



City leading the fight against blight

In four short years, we went from having the worst blight problem in America to tearing down or fixing up blight faster than anywhere else in the country.



City finances improved

In four short years, we went from being a city on the financial brink — $100 million in the red and spending $5 for every $4 we took in. Now we have a city with a balanced budget.



Vote on our Facebook page and check back for our story.

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  • Clay

    City Finances…

    Although I’d prefer this to be fact-checked :

    Jindal OpEd

  • Drew Ward

    I’d say finances too because what Landrieu’s leaving out of that statement is that citizen-derived funding for that supposedly balanced budget has gone up 5-fold under him. There is nothing about his ‘balancing’ the budget to brag about so long as he’s just made it regular practice to further and further squeeze residents for more money.

    Landrieu’s version of balancing a budget would be like a person making $3,000 per month yet spending $4,000 and realising things have to change but for a solution choosing to spend $5,000 per month instead for the same stuff and storming into his boss’ office to demand he double his pay!

  • nickelndime

    LANDRIEU: “Only five, Dear?” (paraphrasing BBC’s “Absolutely Fabulous”). Q. How do you know Mitchell is lying? A. His mouth is open.