By Jessica Williams, The Lens staff writer |

The Recovery School District needs to do a better job of tracking its inventory, according to a recent legislative auditor’s report.

More than $500,000 worth of the district’s property, mostly computers, was recorded as “unlocated” in fiscal 2011. And more than $168,000 in items were recorded as missing or stolen.

This makes the fifth year in a row that RSD didn’t properly safeguard its movable property, the audit reads. Most of the items went missing after RSD schools closed or were moved, district officials said.

In addition to a lack of safeguards on property, the district also overpaid its employees by $8,500, though the audit says that the district has improved its controls over payroll, as compared to last year’s findings.

RSD officials agreed with the audit findings, and said they are developing policies to account for property prior to a school’s transfer or closure, and are also working on policies to tighten payroll controls.

The audit was first reported on by WWL-TV.

Jessica Williams

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