Recent events have only confirmed the fears I expressed in my first “Waiting for Superman” post. I warned about the dangers of linking educational reform efforts to the so-called “Superman” character, but nobody listened.

No one seems to care that Superman is, at root, a phony. His real name is Kal-El, and he’s an illegal alien from another planet. Instead of assimilating into our culture, he has tried to co-opt and redefine it. Prancing around in his tights and cape, Superman meddles in our earthly affairs, and has to the gall to say he’s fighting for the American Way. The brute fact is plain: Superman is a living lie, who claims he’s on the side of truth. Why do we put up with him?

Red-blooded patriots should be outraged by this alien huckster, who has insinuated himself into our culture as a “hero.” But instead of defending us from Superman, they’re positively identifying with him. For example, the American Conservative Union recently hosted a conference and one of the presentations was titled “Are We Superman? Using School Choice and Homeschools to Grow the Conservative Movement.” Unbelievable! And yet, at the very same conference there’s also a presentation titled “Will Immigration Kill the GOP?” (it’s sponsored by Youth for Western Civilization). Precisely how can conservatives protect us from immigrants when their educational strategy celebrates an illegal alien who undermines everything they are trying to preserve?

It’s baffling. These pro-Superman incidents are not without repercussions, either. For example, a New York Times story described how the citizens in Metropolis, Illinois decided to collectively embrace Kal-El:

In Metropolis, a blue-collar community of 6,500, Clark Kent has long been the main draw. A 15-foot tall Superman keeps solemn watch outside the county courthouse, and the local newspaper is called The Metropolis Planet. The Chamber of Commerce used to hand out packets of “kryptonite” candy to children.

After idolizing Superman, some Metropolis citizens are concerned about the town’s cancer rate, which they believe is disproportionately high. They blame the uranium processing plant on the outskirts of town, but perhaps they should look closer to home, and reflect on their degenerate Kryptonian values.

Not heeding the lesson, New Orleans decided to endanger itself last week by hosting a comic book convention. Socially challenged people from throughout the area came to exult over their favorite superheroes. I think such nerd-herding is fairly harmless, as long as they’re gathering to honor true heroes like Captain America. But political correctness prevented conference organizers from barring Superman fans from entry. So they came and congregated to worship their Krypton god, and trade their subversive “books.” I promise you, this tolerance for Superman will come back to haunt the Crescent City, just as it did Metropolis.

The writing is on the wall: Just look at the latest news about the disturbing turn Superman’s persona is about to take:

A brand new 130-page graphic novel… turns the famous Man of Steel comic book character into a darker, more menacing, angrier and more self-conscious “superhero” than any previous incarnation of Superman.

This Superman has been “re-envisioned” as a scowling, 20-year-old alienated youth, dressed in a hoodie sweatshirt, with eyes ablaze.

(W)e needed to make him hip, moody and sexy in order to really appeal to who are really wanting to read novels with our characters,” [DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio] told the Associated Press.

As if regular old Superman weren’t bad enough, now a publisher is offering a “moody and sexy” Superman to our impressionable youth.

It looks like the new Superman should have great appeal to the Columbine crowd,” Bill Donahue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights told

So we invite Kal-El cultists to gather in our town just before Superman’s true nature is revealed: a darker, more menacing, angrier “hero.” It’s only a matter of time before he expresses his dark anger… on us. And Superman’s deluded fan base will help prepare the way for him, guided by their subversive operations manuals comic books. This how the alien assault on humanity begins, and we’re asleep in the watchtowers.

The blitz is coming from all fronts, too – not just comic books. Reports indicate yet another Superman movie will be made and shoved down our throats. It will likely be darker and angrier in tone, as well.  Word leaked that an Englishman was cast as the new “Man of Steel.”  (Previous actors who played Superman have met unfortunate fates, such as paralysis and a mysterious suicide.) Some were offended that a Brit would play Superman, but they should realize it’s entirely appropriate. England, like Hawaii, is a foreign island. And since Superman is not a real American in the first place, it’s less of a deception if a foreigner plays him. Superman is much like the current occupant of the White House: He only thinks America is exceptional because it celebrates him. Like President Obama, Superman pretends to be with us, but he’s not. He is aloof – flying above the terrestrial humans, with his top-down approach to solving their problems.

Lindsay Lohan may play a major character in the film. That’s no surprise, really. It’s a cunning  strategic move to deflect media scrutiny away from the deception at the heart of the Superman story on to Lohan’s personal issues.

Trying to nip the problem in the bud in the late 1940’s, “right wing commentator and reactionary evangelist Gerald L.K. Smith… denounced Superman as ‘a disgrace to America.’ ”  He was right, but few heeded his warning. Ever since, we’ve been fooled by Kal-El – his grandstanding as “Superman” and his clever “Clark Kent” alias. But Kal-El can’t disguise the inescapable fact that he’s an alien in a human world. By definition, he’s a deviant being. And deviancy always destroys the human standard.

Some non-deviant patriots such as Republican Louisiana Sen. David Vitter are standing firm against Superman’s latest ploy. And it’s no secret that Superman is angling for an “anchor baby.” He is courting an American woman named Lois Lane, hoping to impregnate her. If Superman becomes a parent of a true American child, this will entrench him further in our country. But Vitter is trying to prevent that by amending  the constitution to eliminate the threat of alien “anchor babies.”

Following up on GOP attempts over the summer, Vitter has teamed up with freshman Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and proposed “a constitutional amendment, to get rid of birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants.”

It’s a good first step that will hopefully complicate Superman’s plan to stay in America as a father of an “anchor baby.” If everyone were as vigilant as Vitter, I’d be more hopeful about our chances against this Kryptonian menace.

To review: Superman illegally entered our homeland from a planet that believes in a New Galactic Order. He dresses up in tights and meddles in our affairs. He lives a lie while purporting to defend truth and our way of life. Now he wants to breed with an American woman (and corrupt the American gene pool), and exploit a loophole in our Constitution. Recently, he signaled to his fans that he is becoming angrier at us humans.

Yet we continue to celebrate Superman in comics, in movies, in documentaries and at conferences and conventions. One day we’ll wake up, and it will be too late to defend ourselves. Then only a superhero will be able to save us from Superman.

Mark Moseley

Mark Moseley blogs at Your Right Hand Thief. Until mid 2014, Mark Moseley was The Lens' opinion writer, engagement specialist and coordinator for the Charter Schools Reporting Corps. After Katrina and...