Squandered Heritage Vintage

3916-3920-3926 Bienville St. {4th Ward}

Housing Conservation District Review Committee Meeting
Monday, April 23rd, 2007
10a.m. Room 7E07
City Hall

RESULT: Denied

3916-26 Bienville St.

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Applicant Southern Solutions has applied for owner Robert Ellis to demolish a Creole Cottage and two Arts and Crafts style shotguns on this historic boulevard. To be replaced by vacant lots.

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  • christina guillot

    Please let Robert Ellis demolish his homes on Bienville they are in bad shape not to mention on has rats. They have had no work done since the storm and it makes our block look bad !

  • willie

    these houses are in bad shape due to hurricane Katrina and the lack of repairs by the church or the owners. there is little wrong that can’t be rectified simply and relatively cheaply. You don’t burn down the barn to get rid of the rats… you put out poison and remove their harborage by repairing and renting these unusual houses. Leave them vacant and the vagrants living there will burn them down, the rats will run to someone elses house near by and you will have your vacant lots to wait for someone to redevelop???? REMEMBER WAITING FOR FEMA? WELL I HOPE YOU CAN WAIT FOR THESE THINGS TO COME TO PASS.. IF NOT FIX EM UP AND GET ER DONE.

  • christina guillot

    You raise some good points. I do not know the owners circumstances, if they can not afford to repair sell them can at least pay off the mortgage and allow someone else to repair so it will deter vagrants and rats.

    Let’s move forrward or we could just wait for FEMA to handle it ….