Squandered Heritage Vintage

4317-19 Urquhart St. {8th Ward}

Housing Conservation District Review Committee Meeting
Monday, February 26th
10a.m. Room 7E07
City Hall


4317-19 Urquhart St. (2)

Additional Photos

4317-19 Urquhart St. – Owner Helen Forrest has applied to demolish this
Arts-and-Crafts-style double shotgun to be replaced with a single-family
residence of no specific design (no redevelopment plans submitted).

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  • randall

    They even have a “we tear down houses” sign. How comforting.

  • randall

    laureen this house is in the ninth ward not the 8 th ward. i dont like seeing houses between claiborne avenue and the river being demolished, the houses flooded little so those houses could easily be fixed.

  • It might be a leaner. I know the photo is crooked but I get that ‘not square’ sense.

    Nope, not according to city assessment, but it still got the maigic 50%. Seems like a overstated estimate considering it’s a raised house that took on