Housing Conservation District Review Committee Meeting Agenda
December 4th, 2006
10 a.m. Room 7E07
City Hall


3516 3rd St. Facade
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This is an example of slab construction where it just doesn’t belong. This house is in the Hawthorne Triangle, a ‘Back o’Town’ part of the city that is devastated, but within a mile of St. Charles Ave. There is no argument here regarding approval. While on this site visit, I heard a common sound of running water. The house next door had a broken water pipe under the house. This neighborhood is largely vacant, just north of Galvez. The water leak could have been going on forever, the owners probably have large Sewerage and Water Board bills they are debating with the utility. I know how to turn the main water line off at the front of the house and at the street if I have to, with a special tool I carry in my car. I turned it off, the sound of wasted resources stopped immediately.