Housing Conservation District Review Committee Meeting Agenda
November 20, 2006
10 a.m. Room 7E07
City Hall

Result: Approved

3169 Law St. Facade
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Owner Larry Perodin has applied to demolish this arts and crafts style single shotgun. He has no plan to rebuild. I can’t argue it, I can only be sad. My guess is that this will be approved.

This house is in the upper Ninth Ward, between Clouet and Louisa St. The speed tour of our devastated city could be done by driving the length of Louisa St. If you drive from one end of Louisa St. to the other, you will see a cross section of damage that is representative of the scope of the destruction we have on our hands here. At the more Eastern end, near Indian Village, 90% of it looks like it was bombed. There are a surprising amount of people coming back there. Here, above the Bywater neighborhood, it’s better but it’s hard to argue demolition for most of the housing stock. It’s heartbreaking.

When you cross Claiborne things improve greatly and when you cross over St. Claude it feels like nothing ever happened.