Housing Conservation District Review Committee Meeting Agenda
November 4, 2006 10 a.m.
Room 7E07
City Hall

RESULT: Approved based on design presented by Mr.Piper
for a 2 family residence based on design in LRA patternbook.

Result: Approved

2533-35 S. Dorgenois St. Facade

Owner Lionel Piper requested demolition of this corner store conversion and plans to rebuild on this 2X117 lot. Mr. Piper wants to build to meet the new elevation requirements. When I went out to take the photos it was raining and I ran into the owner and expressed my regrets that he has had to take this difficult decision. I explained the Squandered Heritage project and I told him I hope we can follow-up with his new construction. We both agreed, for many, demolition is part of moving forward.