9:30 a.m., Friday, Oct. 13, 2006
City Council Chambers, City Hall


Falstaff Admin Bldg Demo List 2

INDIVIDUAL LANDMARK DEMOLITION. Request for the demolition of building (Falstaff Brewery) to create a surface level parking lot. Owner, Falstaff I Associates, LLC. Applicant, Tad Mondale. (Deferred from last month) RESULT: Approved contingent on approval of the project and commencement of construction.

Tad Mondale is performing a miracle, we can give this up for his keeping that ball lit at the top of the Falstaff’s main building. I live in this area and I put this out to the neighborhood ‘leaders’ and I got some snide comment from a ‘femme de certain age’. And she basically was of the notion that we should let him do whatever he wants. Here’s her email:
“I was looking at pictures and can’t even tell where the admin bldg is located. I also know that one of the city’s hurdles was the parking issue and I’m thinking this is Mondale’s answer to provide more parking. Just how historically significant are those “bricks” anyway? The Jax renovation would never have been completed if everything surrounding it was deemed significant. Let’s let the man move forward with his plan.”

I explained that as someone claiming to represent the neighborhood that it is always wise to go take a look in real life and be open minded about all demolitions. It is also the responsibility of these self appointed representatives to take this to the population at large and get their feedback. It’s not supposed to be up to one or four people. This is not the type of person I want representing me in my neighborhood. We have too much at stake right now. And we have a bunch of people making decisions they are not qualified to make. I’m worried about the planning process for this same reason.