Here’s a powerful tip for Cao: Don’t say “shagalicious”

The billboard on Louisiana Avenue reads, “Did you know that Joseph Cao secured over $1 million for neighborhood redevelopment?” It refers viewers to, which redirects them to the website for the Republican’s campaign to win re-election to Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District. One MILLION dollars.

GOP locks keys in the car; Louisiana Dems lose keys

Healthcare overhaul had been iffy in the polls throughout the past year’s arduous negotiations on Capitol Hill. But now that it has passed, Democrats are banking that as the public learns what is actually in the law and what gets implemented in the first year of the law, the public quickly will warm to it.

Healthcare wins!

Great news, everybody! After delighting in last night’s historic vote to extend healthcare coverage to nearly all Americans while simultaneously lowering the long-term deficit, I put my Democratic voter registration card under my pillow and went to bed.

More anti-abortion Catholics back healthcare bill

U.S. Rep. Ahn “Joseph” Cao, who represents most of New Orleans, still has not decided whether he will vote for or against President Obama’s historic healthcare reform bill. As, I wrote yesterday, his objections to the bill pivot on his belief that the Senate version of the healthcare reform bill has loopholes that permit the federal funding of abortion.