Feds question handling of houses transplanted from hospital footprint

Photo courtesy of insidethefootprint.blogspot.com

By Karen Gadbois, The Lens opinion writer |

It’s no longer just those fussbudget New Orleans preservationists who are concerned. A federal agency has weighed in on the treatment of old houses being moved to make way for the giant LSU/VA medical complex.

Blight worsened by housing preservation program, Hoffman Triangle residents say

By Karen Gadbois, The Lens staff writer |

Hoffman Triangle residents thought they were getting a handle on the blight problem that has gripped their community since Hurricane Katrina. A small neighborhood wedged between Broadmoor and Central City, the Triangle went deeply under water after the levees failed.  As a recovery strategy, residents  formed a neighborhood association, pitched in on clean-up drives and have been working steadily to increase home ownership and rid the community of blight.