“There are hundreds of poor, largely black defendants, many of them children, who right now are sitting in jail awaiting trial for offenses far less serious than the attempted murder charge Mr. Landry faces. In fact, in New Orleans, black people stay in Orleans Parish Prison twice as long as white people, even when they have been charged with the exact same crime.”

In reviewing the various expenditures that the city says are wasteful, Gusman said Landrieu is “playing pure politics.”

“Why? Perhaps it is because his cousin, (former Sheriff) Charles Foti, announced earlier this year that he plans to run for sheriff next year,” Gusman said.

“The study, conducted by a working group of scientists from 17 different institutions, gathered data from seven different countries and found the warming oceans are causing marine species to alter their breeding, feeding and migration patterns. Surprisingly, land species are shifting at a rate of less than 1km a year in comparison, even though land surface temperatures are rising at a much faster rate than those in the ocean.”

For further context, see this continuing series in The New York Times, which details the nation’s high health-care costs relative to the rest of the world. So, if healthcare costs in areas of Louisiana lead the United State, and the United States leads the world in healthcare costs, does that mean Louisiana pays some of the highest health care expenses in the world?  (New York Times story via The Louisiana Budget Project)

Q: Since the purpose of teacher evaluation is to produce better student learning, there must be a provision for giving teachers better evaluations as statewide student performance improves. Right?
A: Wrong! …

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