Watch charter lottery live; sinkhole stabilizing; cops register safety cams

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One fellow speaker noted that the drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico that followed the [Deepwater Horizon] accident should have been viewed as a “safety stand-down,” an industrywide exercise in pausing operations, assessing risks and adjusting operations accordingly. Instead, many companies operating in the Gulf chose to simply attack the Obama administration for enacting the moratorium in the first place.

New Orleans police on Wednesday will unveil a new online database of private surveillance cameras. Businesses and residents will soon be able to register their security cameras with SafeCamNOLA so police officers can quickly find and contact owners of cameras near crime scenes and suspects. That footage will help investigations, police say.

Gambit’s pun-filled but informative issue devoted to marijuana-related issues explores the push for legalization and sentencing reform. It includes a list of Ten marijuana bills worth watching.  Also, former New Orleans resident Kari Harden describes her experience purchasing pot in Colorado. I’d point out that not long ago, a “weed issue” might have been seen as a gimmick. The political landscape is changing — quickly.

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