Waltons funneling money to vouchers; energy industry likened to ‘apartheid’

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While the plan under consideration, which is now months behind schedule, would extend the hours of the Algiers ferry, it would not fully return the route to its previous hours of 6 a.m. to midnight. The deal is expected to result in a route that runs from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., largely due to concerns about low ridership during the final two hours of the traditional schedule,  [state Sen. David] Heitmeier said.

 Mayors from Haiyan-devastated towns participated in the workshop, which aimed to streamline needs from the local to national level for a master rehabilitation plan to be unveiled next year. According to [former Sen. Panfilo] Lacson, the government needs close to $3 billion, which he said is an insufficient sum to fund long-term rather than reflexive efforts to build climate adaptation.

The Alliance for School Choice has yet to determine how much money Louisiana will get. But the group plans to add billboards and text-message advertising campaigns in the state, and is hiring a Louisiana implementation director to help more parents sign up for vouchers.

The southeastern U.S. is pre-1990s South Africa, and the brand of apartheid practiced here is of the energy variety. This is how environmental justice scholar Robert Bullard called it two years ago, and a report released yesterday from the NAACP pretty much confirms it.

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