Vouchers proving ineffective; solitary called torture; judges resist BGR report

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A New Orleans man who has spent nearly two decades in prison for robbing, kidnapping and raping a woman is claiming now that prosecutors at his 1996 trial ignored obvious evidence that someone else did the crimes.

However, as  WWL-TV reports, the city is on pace to have its lowest murder rate since 2006.

Last month’s report by the Bureau of Governmental Research was the latest in a long line of studies to suggest cutting back on the city’s judiciary, which numbers 45 judges spread across seven courts.

On Tuesday, the stream of judges called the report’s findings “flawed,” “faulty,” “short-sighted” and “drastic.” They urged a committee tasked with deciding how many of them should remain on the bench come next fall to proceed slowly and cautiously.

Bureau of Governmental Research President Janet Howard sat in the audience, occasionally shaking her head.

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