U.S. system for chemical storage oversight is flawed; LA Swift done in by class prejudice?

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Louisiana’s health chief is looking for ways to trim the 10,000-person waiting list for a program that provides in-home services to the developmentally disabled, including prioritizing the list to ensure those with the most dire needs get help first.

[Bus] riders are apparently something of an afterthought among the powers that be, which gets to the real problem with LA Swift: It was a bus, and there exists in this country an inherent class prejudice against riding buses—particularly in the Deep South, where middle-class and wealthy people are wedded to their cars.

Because they are publicly financed, charter schools are required to teach secular, state-approved curriculums. When founded by a faith-based organization, they are also required to operate under a separate nonprofit entity. Because charter schools do not receive facilities financing from the state, a leasing agreement with a church, whose grounds often stand empty during weekdays, can be a cost-efficient arrangement for both parties.

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