TOPS untouched; mayor backs condo project; Treme Center costs soar

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Mayor Mitch Landrieu celebrated the re-opening of the Treme Center as a symbol of the city’s recovery in 2013. But getting the facility renovated not only cost double what the city had anticipated, but parts of the center’s major improvements had to be re-done because of problems with construction.

Steve Beatty, editor of The Lens, in New Orleans, said his news organization has had the occasion to use drones. He said SB330 would do little more than outlaw one technology.

“The industry is trying to evade the law,” he [Barry] said. Specifically, he criticized a handful of bills under consideration during this legislative session that he said would give the industry “virtual immunity” from lawsuits filed by local governments and individuals seeking to recover damages from oil industry operations.

In the end, the [New Orleans Police] department not only failed to collect more than $59,000 of the grant that could have been used to cover traffic officers’ overtime pay, but it also failed to catch an officer who is now accused of falsely reporting his overtime hours under that program, according to a new report released Wednesday (May 7) by Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux’s office.

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