Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s administration has released the application forms of each of the 20 students who have received Tulane University mayoral scholarships over the past four years, forms identical to the ones that leaders of the Legislature decided last week to keep secret, on the grounds they are not public records.

Gov. Bobby Jindal slammed the Obama Administration’s approach to health care, defended his decision not to expand Medicaid and remained coy about his own presidential ambitions on a Fox News appearance Sunday morning.

 Even if Wallace and Woodfox were guilty, how is 41 years in solitary an appropriate response? Solitary confinement is not a permissible punishment for a crime. It is justified, if at all, for prison security reasons when an individual poses a danger to others that cannot otherwise be reasonably contained. It can understandably be used for brief periods as discipline for infractions. But for all practical purposes, Wallace and Woodfox were sentenced to prolonged solitary confinement by prison authorities, not a judge. Wallace was released for only the last 2½ days of his life. Woodfox, whose conviction has also been overturned, remains in solitary pending the state’s appeal.

Well, in post-Sandy, New York, there are “buyout zones” in areas that encounter routine flooding, such as Oakwood Beach. Properties purchased by the state will be turned into wetlands and dunes. Participation in the buyout is voluntary and — surprisingly, in my view— “nearly everyone” in the buyout zone applied to get out. 

Mark Moseley

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