Students shunted from one failed school to another; ‘hawks’ neglected tax credits

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“The state of Mississippi is going to be completely oriented toward figuring out ways to pour concrete, build buildings and help the contractor buddies who helped get them into office,” said Steve Shepard, Gulf Coast Group chair of the Sierra Club.

“That’s the way the state of Mississippi works.” Mike Murphy of The Nature Conservancy said one way to help ensure the money was allocated fairly would be to develop a ranking system “that is transparent.”

Jefferson Parish’s two public hospitals have regularly tapped their once-vaunted cash reserves in recent years to stay afloat as their income fell and costs rose. … That’s an unsustainable formula, hospital executives said this week, and if unchanged would put the hospitals at risk of violating their debt terms in five years or less. That’s a driving force, the executives said, behind their efforts to seek a lease with a third-party network to run the two hospitals.

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