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Deutsche Bank … argues that the net present value of [BP] spill litigation has fallen.

“This is not to say that BP’s position in the court trial has improved … rather… it is likely to be multiple years before additional cash of any magnitude over and above that already agreed flows from the BP balance sheet,” the bank said in a research note.

The note estimated cash outflows from future fines at less than $1 billion a year over the next decade.

That is only about two weeks’ worth of capital spending at current rates.

Women in Louisiana could lose all access to abortion services if the state succeeds in enacting a secretive overhaul of its clinic regulations. The requirements are so stringent that not one of the five clinics currently operating in Louisiana would meet them, according to a lawyer advising the clinics. The new regulatory framework would also impose a de facto thirty-day waiting period for many women—an exceptional requirement.

The owners of 201 Northline, Shane and Holley Guidry, have not yet moved in, but they have long been the subject of neighborhood attention. In January 2013, when their house was first being built, a protected live oak that sat squarely before the Guidry property was found hacked, after a request by the Guidrys to remove the tree. Though a perpetrator was never pinned, the parish fined the homeowners $950.

A key state advisory panel voted 12-0 on Monday to revamp a controversial policy that awards bonus points for low-achieving students in figuring grades for public schools. …

State Superintendent of Education John White told the School Accountability Commission that the policy is aimed at ensuring attention for struggling students as the state increases academic standards.

New audits of Future Is Now-New Orleans, the charter group that runs John McDonogh High School, record $1 million in revenue that was not in the group’s 2012-13 budget. Simultaneously, though, they show no sign that administrators filled a $1.5 million budget gap.

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