A bill that opens the door for the Regional Transit Authority to take over control of the Chalmette and Algiers ferries heads to Governor Jindal’s desk for approval. But the bill doesn’t necessarily mean the ferries are saved. …  it’s unclear right now whether the RTA wants to take over the Algiers and Gretna ferries.

The Legislature moved into uncharted territory this morning when the House appointed six members to the conference committee on the budget, twice as many as anyone can remember being named from either chamber to work out differences on any bill. Any agreement has to be approved by two-thirds of conferees from both chambers, so the House gains no advantage over the Senate. The difference, however, is that the move shifts the negotiating power on the House side to the alliance of the Republican faction of the so-called fiscal hawks and unified Democrats at the expense of the House leadership—who are closer on budget issues to the Senate and the governor.

While many praised the report’s scope, others warned that it may not go far enough to restore an environmentally degraded coast. This includes Pensacola Bay, which has seen a 90 percent loss of sea grass since the 1960s and poor water quality tied to industrial pollution, stormwater runoff and inadequate sewage treatment.

(Via Restore the Mississippi River Delta)

Mark Moseley

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