Thomas said a “cloud of corruption” has plagued the Sheriff’s Office for decades. He described a contracting process rife with political patronage, and he sniped at both Gusman and Foti for their reluctance to hand over records to the mayor and City Council when they were in office.

U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany, an ally of beleaguered House Speaker John Boehner and the only Louisiana Republican to back the final agreement, aimed his frustration squarely at his colleagues. “I think there are members who are in complete denial about their responsibility to govern and to try to use conservative principles to get the best possible legislative package we can get,” he told the National Journal. While he didn’t name names or mention the Tea Party, he accused 20 to 30 intransigent members who repeatedly thwarted Boehner’s efforts of essentially derailing the party’s agenda and even putting the House’s GOP majority at risk.

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration reworked the state’s construction budget Thursday, pulling money from ongoing projects and redirecting it to help pay for $105 million in new projects to start this year. The Bond Commission agreed to the reshuffling — but only after Treasurer John Kennedy, chairman of the panel, blasted the approach as not setting priorities for spending the state’s limited money for construction work. “This kind of makes a mockery of the capital outlay process,” Kennedy said.

Mark Moseley

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