The report provides only a summary of most contamination concerns. And while both federal officials and BP have made so-called “metadata” — individual sample collection records — available during the past few months, more comprehensive reports explaining how the spill may have affected — and may still be affecting — wildlife are believed being kept under wraps by federal and state officials who are concerned that BP could walk away from their obligations.

Unions and environmentalists have found one point of agreement in the bitter debate over the natural gas drilling boom: fixing leaky old pipelines that threaten public health and the environment. It’s a huge national effort that could cost $82 billion.

A set of common standards should be developed and piloted systematically such that the problems associated with the standards for one grade level are sufficiently addressed before attempting to build by adding standards for the next grade level.

In order to do this well, the standards developmental process takes time.

After sitting empty for nearly a decade, the first major building constructed in the Central Business District after World War II and one of New Orleans’ first high-rise structures is undergoing a renovation into a boutique hotel and apartments.

Mark Moseley

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