Among the problems:

  • 26 ACT tests were voided at Crescent Leadership Academy because the test was started 15 minutes late, according to school principal Chauncey Nash.
  • At the former O.P. Walker Senior High School, four tests were voided for plagiarism and five ACT tests were voided for being incorrectly labeled.
  • Four schools were cited for both plagiarism and improper test proctoring: Walker, John McDonogh Senior High School, Walter L. Cohen High School and McMain Secondary School.

Alfred Bonnabel Magnet Academy High in Kenner and West Jefferson High in Harvey were on the problem list for the fifth time in six years. O. Perry Walker High School in Algiers has had security lapses for four of the last six years. Repeated problems have also been found at Glen Oaks High in Baton Rouge, Helen Cox High in Harvey, Garyville/Mount Airy Math and Science Magnet, and John McDonogh, Sarah T. Reed and Walter L. Cohen high schools in New Orleans.

A special investigator who has been looking into possible corruption in the settlement process for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill has asked the court to mandate the return of a “fraudulent claim” worth nearly $360,000.

Ex-FBI director Louis Freeh filed his request in U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier’s court asking that a questionable claim which previously led to the ouster of an attorney who is alleged to have taken a referral fee while under the employment of the Court Supervised Settlement Program, the body responsible for overseeing claims payments.

Despite having ordered a new trial because of various acts of governmental misconduct, the court did not dismiss the serious charges pending against the defendants, which include crimes of violence, one or more firearm charges, and obstruction of justice charges.

Mark Moseley

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