While Nagin’s defense attorney Robert Jenkins made hay of their own misdeeds and self-serving motivations for testifying, it’s standard practice for prosecutors to go easy on those who cooperate early.

“There’s a public interest in not just capturing the smaller fish,” said Tania Tetlow, Tulane law professor and former federal prosecutor, “and the only way you get to the bigger fish is you reward the smaller fish.”

Two New Orleans police detectives stood before a federal judge Thursday and admitted they conspired to steal thousands of dollars from a program used to fund undercover operations, paid off other detectives to keep the scheme under wraps and fraudulently collected payment for work they did not perform at Housing Authority of New Orleans sites.

Arizona, Florida and Iowa already have changed the names of the national education standards in response to opposition, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee recently suggested other states follow suit, according to The Washington Post.

Mark Moseley

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