Numbers needed on offshore safety; Florida also running out of killer drug

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The offshore industry has long bragged about its safety record, but this is mostly hubris. The absence of major accidents isn’t necessarily a synonym for safety. Simply put, we don’t know what we don’t know.  To truly assess the industry’s safety — and more importantly, to determine if it’s improving or declining — we need more data points. That’s why the near-miss data that [Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement chief Brian] Salerno is advocating is so important.

Tennessee’s Achievement District is modeled in part on Louisiana’s state-run Recovery School District, which absorbed most of New Orleans’s schools after Hurricane Katrina. …

The growth of the Achievement District— whose teachers do not have tenure — is only one of several sweeping changes for Memphis teachers. They are also facing the merger of the county and city school districts, a new teacher evaluation system, and reduced tenure protections across the board.


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