Louisiana sea level rise much worse than feared; Landrieu wins S&WB reforms

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Residents say the apartment complex, across the street from a children’s day care, is a haven for vagrants, drug dealers and criminals. “It’s not safe,” said Rosedale resident Paula McFarland.” 

Although the NMTCs for the Wheatley building may only amount to $2 million, NMTCs for the entire Master Plan could amount to $40 million, money the Master Plan desperately needs. In fact, without NMTCs our analysis predicts the Master Plan will be short $94 million …  roughly equivalent to building or renovating four schools or stabilizing 24 schools. 

The S&WB voted 10 to 1 in support of a new governance structure that will all but eliminate the influence of the City Council on day-to-day policymaking and establish a protocol for selecting new members.

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