Lawyer accused of intimidation tactics; billionaire won’t target Mary Landrieu

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About 700 of the 4,400 properties that received forgivable, no-interest “incentive” loans in the state’s Road Home Small Rental program have failed to turn in documents certifying that they are charging required rents to tenants making certain lower incomes, said Doug Baker, spokesman for the state Division of Administration.

Environmental group representatives and community activists asked for the group to require chemical facilities to provide better public notification during accidents, emphasized the need for more enforceable regulations to promote safer practices and to find ways to get the chemical industry to look for ways to avoid problems in the first place.

Gregory M. Thompson, a New Orleans lawyer who was tasked with analyzing the legislation for the commission, said he was surprised at the debate. … 

Thompson pointed out that, for all the debate over whether the commission supported or opposed leniency for marijuana convictions, what they actually voted on was a statement that “HB14 achieves a small degree of balance” with the laws that other state legislatures are passing in the South “and somewhat comports with the desires of the majority of Louisiana citizens who favor significant reductions in these penalties.”

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