On the technical level … officials say they are confident in the protective system that rings Jefferson Parish and in the post-Katrina upgrades that are still under way.

“The levee system (in Jefferson Parish) performed fairly well during Katrina, and it’s been improved with these projects,” said Bob Turner, executive director of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East, which oversees the levee systems on the east bank of Jefferson, Orleans and St. Bernard parishes.

Land Use

Landrieu, clearly proud of the achievement, has made it a prominent talking point in his re-election bid.

One campaign leaflet pictures him at a construction site wearing a shirt that reads “Fight Blight.”

“We are taking down or fixing up blight faster here than anywhere else,” the flier boasts.

Still, it is impossible to drive through many neighborhoods and not see abandoned houses, boarded-up windows and unkempt lawns.”

In a related blog post, the Times suggests how teachers and students can explore the issue of poverty.

The issue of whether politics has tainted Coroner’s Office decisions animates the race. It’s driven by questions about whether [retiring coroner Frank] Minyard and a former pathologist incorrectly classified deaths that occurred at the hands of police officers, failing to label them homicides.

At a recent public forum, [Dwight] McKenna questioned why none of the office’s employees stepped forward when controversy swirled about Minyard’s death classifications — a barb aimed squarely at [Jeffrey] Rouse, the deputy coroner who has Minyard’s endorsement.

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