Kabacoff’s sweeping vision for downtown revival; Jindal flip-flops on Common Core

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Karen O’Keefe, who lived in New Orleans for years and now works as Director of State Policies at the Marijuana Policy Project, said, “A sentence of 20 years in prison for possessing a substance that is safer that alcohol is out of step with Louisiana voters, national trends, and basic fairness and justice.  Limited prison space and prosecutors’ time should be spent on violent and serious crime, not on prosecuting and incarcerating people who use a substance that nearly half of all adults have used.”

U.S. District Judge Jay Zainey on Friday ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency must issue a formal finding of whether federal rules are necessary, pushing the agency in the direction environmental groups requested. But the judge also said the agency is not limited to making that judgment solely on environmental reasons.

In a new report, the Government Accountability Office faulted the Bureau of Land Management for not including information about the environmental inspection history of many wells in its central database for tracking oil and gas facilities on public lands.

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