Jindal secrecy linked to Medicare scandal; Mouton fights bribery confession

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Bayou Buzz publisher Steven Sabludowsky makes a similar connection between lack of transparency and potential corruption in a piece titled “Greenstein scandal turning Jindal ethics reform gold medal into dead lead.”

Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman claimed in a deposition last month that he never viewed the now infamous, viral videos showing inmates injecting and snorting drugs, sipping from cans of Budweiser and unloading bullets from a handgun behind bars, and in one case carousing in the French Quarter —  even though he later testified in federal court to having at least some recollection of watching the videos four years ago. Gusman also insisted, as he did in court, that the U.S. Department of Justice was wrong in finding myriad constitutional problems in the jail.

Here is a link to Randy Comeaux’s blog. 

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