January 29, 2013: Jindal’s advice to Republicans; Baton Rouge aquifer ‘unsustainable’

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An advisory committee to the John McDonogh school board proposed security guards be present at board meetings.

“We can’t keep getting bogged down with stuff like this,” said [John McDonogh Advisory Committee chair Clarence] chair Robinson, referring to a Jan. 15 charter board meeting that erupted in tears and screaming matches between parents, community activists and students.

Land Use

New FEMA flood zone maps present hurricane-stricken residents in the Northeast with a conundrum familiar to South Louisianians: pay now to rebuild homes to higher elevations, or pay gargantuan flood insurance premiums later. Hurricane Sandy victims– we feel your pain. If you have cash reserves to stick it out, perhaps, seven years later, if the feds build you new flood protection, and you live inside a protected area, rates will go back down.


Criminal Justice

As Mayor Mitch Landrieu tweets up a storm of positivity during Super Bowl week, an AP story comes out that ties the high crime rate, among other chronic problems, to his tenure:

Yet, as far as the city has come, decades-old problems persist. New Orleans remains plagued by violent crime, political corruption, a troubled police department and poverty.

Crime rates briefly dipped after Katrina scattered residents all over the country but quickly soared again as people returned home. Landrieu has made crime reduction one of his top priorities, but the murder rate has remained stubbornly high since he took office in 2010.


After being built in South Korea, the enormous Olympus oil drilling platform has arrived in Texas for final assembly, before it is positioned off the coast of Louisiana. The platform will drill at a depth of 3,000 feet and could extend the life of the Mars field to 2050. It is operated by Shell and partially owned by BP.

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