At the public hearings earlier this month, national and local environmental groups, residents and some local elected officials worried that the coal facility would bring pollution to neighboring communities and would harm coastal restoration efforts.

 For more, read The Lens’ 2012 in-depth report on the planned coal facility.

Many top guns at the EPA have resumes dotted with work for activist environmental groups. The revolving door between the EPA and often more combative greens has led to what Sen. David Vitter, R-La., calls a “sue and settle” tactic, in which the EPA and the environmental outfits get a court’s imprimatur on an arrangement they sought privately beforehand.

If the governor does move to replace [flood authority members] Barry and Doody with nominees who don’t support the suit, it would fit what’s become something of an administration m.o. As Jindal watchers have been noting for some time now, he’s really not a big fan of the whole independence thing.

State Superintendent John White said Thursday a bonus system designed to reward schools for focusing on low-achieving students has improved scores, but many educators question whether schools will receive the credit they’ve earned.

The new [Common Core] standards have ignited political battles about the role of the federal government in public education, America’s international competitiveness, and the amount of time and money spent on standardized testing. But in classrooms across Louisiana and dozens of other states, the response has been more pragmatic than ideological as teachers — some optimistic and others resigned — work to align their approach to the new standards: adding more non-fiction texts to syllabi, for instance, and adjusting the way fractions are taught to emphasize that they are actually numbers of varying sizes (and not just pieces of pizza).


Mark Moseley

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