Jail ‘mayhem’ sketched; Edwards tops poll; Jindal still waffling on Common Core

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McCampbell’s testimony seemed to bolster the U.S. Department of Justice’s claim that Sheriff Marlin Gusman needs at least $10 million in additional city funding this year to pay for the decree. But former U.S. Attorney Harry Rosenberg, who is representing the city in the case, says Gusman has failed to implement needed cost-cutting measures.

In the first snapshot of the 6th Congressional District race that already has attracted national media attention, Edwin Edwards leads seven other candidates in an independent, automated poll of 718 registered voters. ... 

While not a traditional poll from a widely-recognized source, it’s enough to get politicos talking … . 

Land Use

Gov. Bobby Jindal wouldn’t take a definitive position Thursday on proposals to halt Common Core in the state of Louisiana or do away with associated testing, instead saying he’d work with lawmakers on an “issue-by-issue” basis.

The Gulf of Mexico shrimp and long-line fisheries are named as some of the nine “dirtiest fisheries” in a report released Thursday by the ocean conservation and advocacy nonprofit Oceana. The “Wasted Catch” report lists fisheries that have the largest amount of bycatch, which is fish and wildlife that are unintentionally caught when attempting to catch other species.

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