“This has had a major impact on the nation’s economy,” said Vic Landry, the Corps’ operations manager for the GIWW. He estimated the total impact at over $1 million per day.

“A lot of valuable and essential commodities were log-jammed,” Landry said. “Without a steady supply of petrochemicals, many refineries and chemical plants can’t perform their daily operations.”

There were the Nickelodeon theme park and the sports complex and the water park/resort. All were offered as potential replacements for the shuttered Six Flags amusement park in eastern New Orleans. All were considered by city officials. All came to nothing.

Now, with the latest plan for the site — an upscale outlet mall — also dead, the city is taking another stab at returning the property to commerce.

In a document they filed under seal last Friday, [former New Orleans Police officer David] Warren’s lawyers claimed prosecutors engaged in a “systematic, deliberate pattern of prosecutorial misconduct in an effort to buttress a non-existent case in order to secure a conviction.” The defense attorneys accused prosecutors of pressuring witnesses, ignoring evidence favorable to Warren and using “prejudicial and inflammatory” evidence to warp jurors’ perceptions of Warren.

According to logs of the system from 2012, which Keen provided to The New Orleans Advocate, Morrell’s staff had never bothered to check the new computer system. Keen said her staff then visited a warehouse, where a dusty log book contained an evidence card on the Diggins [rape] case. A copy of the card, provided by Keen, contains a handwritten notation showing the evidence was in the courthouse attic, where one of her staff then found it tucked away on a shelf.

But on the same day, Louisiana education changes received an honor of a more dubious sort: the Colorado-based National Education Policy Center’s Bunkum Awards. They recognize, as the center’s website says, “divine purveyors of weak data, shoddy analyses, and overblown recommendations.”

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