Incarceration rate not yielding social benefit; fracking jeered in Tammany

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With two of his tax increase proposals on life-support, Mayor Mitch Landrieu has doubled down on a third option that would raise property taxes in New Orleans to help pay for more police officers, improvements to the parish prison and the city’s debt to the firefighters’ pension fund.

[Sen. Mary] Landrieu, who chairs the Senate Energy Committee, faces a tough re-election challenge this fall and has said she will use all her power to make sure the [Keystone XL pipeline] project is built.

But some wonder whether the disparity highlighted in the report truly reflects inequity. Instead, it may reflect demographics, as Gary Miron, a Western Michigan University professor, argues. Partially because of economies of scale — bigger schools have more resources — charter schools tend to have fewer students with disabilities. And it often costs more to teach these students than their peers. So it would make sense, Miron said, that charter schools generally receive less money.

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