Illegal fence still stands on Newcomb; why we don’t have Uber cab service

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 Whole Foods is a name often known for organic and pricier times that appeal to wealthier shoppers, a reputation that earned it the nickname “Whole Paycheck.” [Jeffrey Schwartz, who directs the Broad Community Connections nonprofit] said the grocer is intent on proving they can be affordable, including offering their lower priced 365 Everyday Value line of products.”

[Sen. Mary] Landrieu, who is expected to become chairwoman of the Senate Energy Committee later this month, said she is “open to whatever needs to be done” to approve the pipeline, including use of the project as a bargaining chip with Republicans in upcoming talks over raising the federal debt limit.

[A two percent annual growth rate for Louisiana] translates to more than 40,000 new jobs a year. It’s not out of the question, Moret said, reminding attendees that Louisiana averaged 58,000 new jobs per year during the 1970s oil boom. But another oil boom is not what we should hope for, Moret cautioned. “What we want to pray for now is sustained, diversified growth,” Moret said, adding that means growth of new sectors such as digital media, software development and aerospace. 

A 2007 message from Sarah Price, who worked in development for Home Depot at the time and who testified Tuesday, said Nagin had called Frank Blake, chief executive officer of the international retailer that reported employing more than 300,000 people and earning $1.4 billion in the third quarter of last year, offering to help the company avoid a special neighborhood arrangement that would have guaranteed higher caliber jobs for residents.

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