Homelessness falls locally; anger over ‘stop and frisk;’ man-made earthquakes?

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“An unusual and widely felt 5.6-magnitude quake in Oklahoma in 2011 was probably caused when oil drilling waste was pushed deep underground, a team of university and federal scientists concluded. That would make it the most powerful quake to be blamed on deep injections of wastewater, according to a study published Tuesday by the journal Geology. The waste was from traditional drilling, not from the hydraulic fracturing technique, or fracking.

We shouldn’t be alarmist about “man-made earthquakes” or raise imperfect comparisons to the expanding sinkhole at Bayou Corne. However, I think we should prioritize a statewide audit of all Louisiana injection wells that have indications of integrity problems due to subterranean pressures caused by drilling waste-water pumped back into the ground. There’s apparently a lot we still don’t know.

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