Grand Isle awash in tar as BP fights fines; could charters hurt city bond ratings?

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It’s brazenly clear that there is still a massive amount of oil in the Gulf and particularly along this area of the Louisiana coastline.  Even though BP sunk most of the oil after the spill by using dispersant, the oil didn’t magically disappear as they would have us believe.  If this much of it, a ton, is coming in after a minor tropical disturbance you can only imagine what is still in the Gulf itself and how long this problem is going to last.  What I can’t imagine is what all that oil is doing to the ecosystem of the Gulf.

Shotguns, a law enforcement staple, are being replaced by semi-automatic rifles, such as the AR-15, although it’s still up to the individual officer whether to keep the shotgun, take the AR-15 or, in the case of state troopers, carry both. State Police spokesman Capt. Doug Cain said the AR-15 is a more versatile weapon than a shotgun. “It’s a better tool if you look at the threats that are out there,” he said. “I know the troopers are happy.

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